Saturday, June 5, 2010

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Ok.  Are there any 12 step programs for shop-a-holics?  I think I may need a little help.  Am I the only one who will go shopping and feel bad about what was purchased, either while you're standing in line or when you get home?  Well I do, normally but today, I felt bad....for all of 5 seconds!  I mean when you find some great deals, you HAVE  to take advantage. 

Ya'll Bath and Body Works is having an awesome sale!  They've extended part of their Memorial Day Sale.  You buy 3 Signature Fragrances, and get 3 free!  On top of that, they give every customer a free pocket size hand sanitizer and a Buy one signature fragrance, get one free.  So basically, if you take advantage of the buy 3 get 3 free and use the coupon, you get 7 signature fragrances for the price of 3!  My total before the discounts was $73...after the discounts were applied, my total was $34(approx-have to look at receipt).  But you can't beat that!  And on top of that, their having their Semi Annual Sale next week!  So stock up ya'll!!!!  And may I suggest BBW's Ocean Men Fragrance for the man/men in your life for Father's Day!  And, no I'm not an affiliate of Bath and Body Works...just a frequent customer.

Next up, let me tell you what I picked up at Avenue,  Now, I'm not a huge Avenue fan by any means.  Why?  Because alot of their clothes, to me, are not made for women with hips and butt like mine.  In addition, I find most of their clothes to lack that "umph" factor that fashionable junkies like myself enjoy.  Remember I said "most" and not all because some of their pieces were rather cute and rockable.  Enough of that.  I went in Avenue because I saw a huge sign that said "Entire Store BOGO"..  Well I didn't find anything that suited my taste so I opted to purchase a girdle and a cute bra.  Now they did have some pieces that were cute but they didn't fit right and wasn't cute enough for alteration sacrifices. 

I also picked up a few tops at Ross.  I really needed some career tops to wear this Summer and found some blouses that were on clearance for 4.99!!!!!!!  Yes, plus size tops for 4.99!!!!  Can't beat that! 

This is really a sun dress but because of my large backside, it's a must that I wear leggings!
I purchased this shirt in pink and navy blue. 
I'm sorry....I hope no one gets a crook in the neck.  lol

People sleep on Ross because of the hunt that's involved when shopping there, but it's so worth it when you can come out with a bargain.  I'm one who searches out bargains because I'm not rich yet...and once I am rich, I'll still explore bargains! 

I had so much fun today.  Shopping is therapeutic...I don't care what anyone says!

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