Sunday, May 30, 2010

Sale-ing takes me away to where I've always heard it could be

So it's officially Memorial Day in the great state of Texas.  On this day many people will remember the noble deeds and sacrifices of our men and women in the service.  I know it's Memorial Day, but I challenge you to just say a simple thank you to all the men and women who serve/served this country.  Their sacrifices can never be repaid but I believe hearing the gratitude of the ones who benefit from their service is repayment enough.

Now, I know their will be cookouts and celebrations in every neighborhood across the country.  But while you're celebrating, take a little time to enjoy some of the great Memorial Day deals!  I'm eyeing the Bath and Body Works sale like an eagle.  You can really rack up on some deals if you play your coupons right.  Yes coupons!!!  I'm trying to become a coupon connoisseur! (lol)  I've purchased a coupon file folder and have been saving my coupons.  One day I'll totally get this technique down and compete with the likes of Frugal Coupon Mom.  Save your coupons people!!!!  Some stores are basically begging you to get free or pay a fraction of the price for items by offering coupons.  How often do you take advantage? 

But's what BBW is offering....

Please excuse my fragmented pic.  It wouldn't allow me to save the entire ad, so I had to save piece by piece.  But as you can see, BBW is having a wonderful sale.  Rack up on your fragrances and soaps!  And utilize your coupons.  Ugh, I just noticed my coupon isn't effective until June 1st!!!!! My feelings are hurt now!  Oh well, the deals make up for it...I guess!

Happy Shopping!


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