Tuesday, December 28, 2010

2011: "Ready or not, here I come!"

The new year will be here in less than a week!  Time to get acquainted with writing January 1, 2011, instead of 2010.  I don't know about you, but by March I get use to writing the correct year.  And with the new year comes resolutions; more specifically, weight loss resolutions.  Yup the time of year gym memberships skyrocket!  Well for the first time in many years, that will not be my resolutions! Un-un! For those of you that will make and break that resolution-good luck! HA!

For me, this year was bittersweet.  I gained new relationships and had the daunting task of severing dead relationships and old ties.  But it all worked out for the good-for my good.  I'm so excited about reacquainting with my favorite passion-ACTING!  Stay glued for future news about that!  And I'm equally excited about the graduation of one of my favorite people!  He worked so hard  to obtain his degree and I'm so proud of him for sticking with his goals even when faced with adversity!  (More on that too in the near future! wink)

Enough about that...let's rewind and remember what happened back then in 2010...(ugh, corny)!


How can anyone forget this devastation!?!?  No matter what anyone's beliefs were as to why such a natural disaster hit the country, the fact remains that over 200,000 people lost their life; and millions were left homeless.
The Edwards Split
John and Elizabeth Edwards separate!   Who could blame her chile?  This was an embarrassment on top of hurt for this woman.  Here she is going through a medically difficult time and his butt out there getting another woman pregnant!  If I were Elizabeth, I would cold cocked both of them...John and his mistress! WAM!  I KNOW she would have slept better!
And that's all!  I don't have one so....yeah(shrugs)
You Tiger!
Tiger Woods admits to cheating on his wife!  And his wife whoop him with a golf club! And I don't care!  Tiger is clearly not the cheating type.  He did a horrible job with covering his tracks and now he has to pay up.  Get your money Elin!
What You Talking About Willis
Gary Coleman ashy self passed away in May. (I just realized I haven't included the months with each moment-oh well!)  I haven't followed his death closely but I have a feeling his estranged wife was involved in some way!  She better hope he doesn't come back and hit her in the knees!
Tip of the Iceberg-June
Al and Tipper Gore separate!  What is going on down there in Capitol Hill? Lord, let the Obamas stay together! Jesus!
End of the Dumbest War-August
Thank you President Obama!  Can someone tell me why we were over there again?  And don't you come with that weapons of mass destruction and protecting our way of life garb either!  That war American funded aided in this enormous deficit we have now!

and I'll end with....

Eddie and Sons-September
Sex allegations were filed against Eddie Long by young men who were once close to this bishop.  Eddie Long denied the allegations and vowed to fight!  His quote of he feeling like David against Goliath spread like wildfire amongst media outlets...however, now he's considering settling out of court!  I'm guilty of thinking the good bishop would fund this settlement via church funds, however, the church filed a conjunction to protect its funds.  Ugh, ugly!  But some way some how, I have a feeling New Birth will foot the bill! I'm just saying!

And with each year, there's a list of those whose journeys end...

MERTON OLESON-Little House On The Prairie

I'm sure there were others....charge it to my mind and not my heart! May they rest in peace!

Okay good people, I'll write ya lata!

Buh bye~Elle!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

?? Question ??

Ok.  Are there any 12 step programs for shop-a-holics?  I think I may need a little help.  Am I the only one who will go shopping and feel bad about what was purchased, either while you're standing in line or when you get home?  Well I do, normally but today, I felt bad....for all of 5 seconds!  I mean when you find some great deals, you HAVE  to take advantage. 

Ya'll Bath and Body Works is having an awesome sale!  They've extended part of their Memorial Day Sale.  You buy 3 Signature Fragrances, and get 3 free!  On top of that, they give every customer a free pocket size hand sanitizer and a Buy one signature fragrance, get one free.  So basically, if you take advantage of the buy 3 get 3 free and use the coupon, you get 7 signature fragrances for the price of 3!  My total before the discounts was $73...after the discounts were applied, my total was $34(approx-have to look at receipt).  But you can't beat that!  And on top of that, their having their Semi Annual Sale next week!  So stock up ya'll!!!!  And may I suggest BBW's Ocean Men Fragrance for the man/men in your life for Father's Day!  And, no I'm not an affiliate of Bath and Body Works...just a frequent customer.

Next up, let me tell you what I picked up at Avenue,  Now, I'm not a huge Avenue fan by any means.  Why?  Because alot of their clothes, to me, are not made for women with hips and butt like mine.  In addition, I find most of their clothes to lack that "umph" factor that fashionable junkies like myself enjoy.  Remember I said "most" and not all because some of their pieces were rather cute and rockable.  Enough of that.  I went in Avenue because I saw a huge sign that said "Entire Store BOGO"..  Well I didn't find anything that suited my taste so I opted to purchase a girdle and a cute bra.  Now they did have some pieces that were cute but they didn't fit right and wasn't cute enough for alteration sacrifices. 

I also picked up a few tops at Ross.  I really needed some career tops to wear this Summer and found some blouses that were on clearance for 4.99!!!!!!!  Yes, plus size tops for 4.99!!!!  Can't beat that! 

This is really a sun dress but because of my large backside, it's a must that I wear leggings!
I purchased this shirt in pink and navy blue. 
I'm sorry....I hope no one gets a crook in the neck.  lol

People sleep on Ross because of the hunt that's involved when shopping there, but it's so worth it when you can come out with a bargain.  I'm one who searches out bargains because I'm not rich yet...and once I am rich, I'll still explore bargains! 

I had so much fun today.  Shopping is therapeutic...I don't care what anyone says!

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Sale-ing takes me away to where I've always heard it could be

So it's officially Memorial Day in the great state of Texas.  On this day many people will remember the noble deeds and sacrifices of our men and women in the service.  I know it's Memorial Day, but I challenge you to just say a simple thank you to all the men and women who serve/served this country.  Their sacrifices can never be repaid but I believe hearing the gratitude of the ones who benefit from their service is repayment enough.

Now, I know their will be cookouts and celebrations in every neighborhood across the country.  But while you're celebrating, take a little time to enjoy some of the great Memorial Day deals!  I'm eyeing the Bath and Body Works sale like an eagle.  You can really rack up on some deals if you play your coupons right.  Yes coupons!!!  I'm trying to become a coupon connoisseur! (lol)  I've purchased a coupon file folder and have been saving my coupons.  One day I'll totally get this technique down and compete with the likes of Frugal Coupon Mom.  Save your coupons people!!!!  Some stores are basically begging you to get free or pay a fraction of the price for items by offering coupons.  How often do you take advantage? 

But anywho....here's what BBW is offering....

Please excuse my fragmented pic.  It wouldn't allow me to save the entire ad, so I had to save piece by piece.  But as you can see, BBW is having a wonderful sale.  Rack up on your fragrances and soaps!  And utilize your coupons.  Ugh, I just noticed my coupon isn't effective until June 1st!!!!! My feelings are hurt now!  Oh well, the deals make up for it...I guess!

Happy Shopping!


Friday, May 28, 2010

Hi, I'm L and you R...

OMG!  I've finally posted my first blog!  This has been a long time coming and now I feel like I've accomplished something in life! lol! But anywho, I was inspired to start this blog because I wanted an avenue to express my thoughts and opinions with people throughout the globe.  In doing so I aim to never intentionally offend anyone!  I do, however, like to have fun and may joke around but please don't take anything personally.  With this said, please remember that this blog includes MY thoughts and opinions.  If you don't agree with something I said and would like to comment, please be respectful!  I will not tolerate disrespectful, demeaning behavior on my blog!  Basically, let's all be civil!

Enough of that...Hi, I'm Elle(L)!  That's short for LaNiya,,,let's say it together LA-NIGH-YA!  Rhymes with Mariah!  I was born and raised in Texas; primarily Dallas.  I'm the girl...across the street!  I love being a woman 300 days out of the year.  The other 65 I think about what I'm going to say to Eve when I meet her!  Acting is my passion! Fashion is my friend! Makeup is my on and off again associate! Food is my shadow! Weight loss is a mountain I'm trying to climb! Church is a must! God is good!  More about Elle coming in future blogs.  Ok, enough of that too!  I want to talk about Ashley Stewart...

Let me the first to say thank you for updating your online store because for a moment, I was worried.  I live in a city that doesn't have a Ashley Stewart so I rely on the online store.  However, lately, I would visit the site and wouldn't see anything appealing to the eye.  I mean the pieces on the home page were nicely modeled and accessorized but when I visited the apparel section, the clothes were rather blah and looked more suited for a middle-aged woman.   Sorry A.S., your girl was about to toss you in the pile with Avenue, Catherine's, and Fashion Bug. 

I like AS for many reasons but the main reason is AFFORDABILITY!  I'm a State worker and my income isn't conducive with frequent high end fashion spending.  For this reason, I tend to favor AS over Lane Bryant.  I know...I know, Lane Bryant isn't high end, but they're HIGH...for no reason IMO! Lane Bryant gets my business when they have a sale or when I have Real Women $$.  To me, there's no difference in fabric quality when it comes to AS vs LB. My AS pieces usually out live LB pieces.  So AS it is. 

Here are some of the pieces I selected to purchase.

I love this chambray ruffled top. It can be dressed up for church or work...and dressed down!  I'm not feeling the ribbon belt, so I would opt to wear the top alone or wear another belt.

I think this peasant dress speaks for itself.  I would rock this look similar to the above photo.  A busy dress like this doesn't need alot of accessories!  A hot high heel shoe and a handbag to match will have all eyes on me...I mean you!

I'm rethinking this rouched top because I just noticed the awkwardness of the breast area.  I liked the rouching but would prefer a more smooth finish in the chest area.  ~shrug!

This tunic comes with the belt!  This can be played with in so many ways.  Versatility is written all over this!  Just have fun with it!  Don't be afraid to go out the box!  This top is perfect for Texas summers!

Make sure to check out their website www.ashleystewart.com.  They're having a Memorial Day Sale.  Free Shipping on orders $100 and over.

~Smoochez Elle~

RIP Gary Coleman